Places to Visit Near Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Nearby Attractions of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

If you are out exploring the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, then take your Dubai expedition to the next step by exploring the other attractions near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. There are several popular destinations located in Downtown Dubai to explore like the famous Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, and many more. Complete your bucket list by visiting them and get the diverse experiences right from experiencing the view of iconic Burj Khalifa to being shopping addicted at the Dubai Mall. Experience of visiting the world’s tallest building is no doubt what everyone is lured to have and the surrounding places make the trip complete. Let your children preserve the memories of exciting things they did during their Dubai trip including visiting the gigantic fossil of Dino and combining the learning and fun at KidZania. Spend some quality time at the most visited leisure spot of Dubai at Burj Park to click some pictures of Dubai’s renowned attractions- Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. Be mesmerized by the engineering miracle of a combined show of lights, and music where water sways over the music. Complete your dream of visiting this ‘City of Gold’ along with these destinations that make it an all-time favourite place to visit across the globe!

Burj Khalifa

Every tourist landed in Dubai has this spot in mind to visit at least once during their Dubai stay because the unparalleled experience from the world’s tallest structure cannot be expressed in words. Breath-taking sunrises or stunning aerial views from 585 metres above the surface are a thing to experience. No matter which other place you visit or not, this is a mandatory destination on your itinerary list of attractions near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Explore the world’s tallest free-standing structure that redefined the meaning of skyscraper. Whizz up to the best spot on the 124th floor like a syringe spray on the world’s fastest elevator. Watch Dubai’s glory- skyline, desert, ocean, sand all at once and step outside to the open-air terrace to soak up the best look. Never miss the awesome place to visit once in a lifetime and soak in the beauty of this structural marvel that takes you to experience the world from the sky, literally from 585 meters!

The Dubai Mall

If you are a shopaholic or not, never miss this heartthrob of Downtown Dubai on your Dubai visit. The Dubai Mall pays homage to several signature stores so that people visiting here will not return with empty hands. After paying a visit to nearby attractions of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo like DubaiDino, Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa, it is an unwritten rule to locate yourself at this giant shopping place to calm the shopping thirst. Not only the 1200+ retail outlets, but 200+ international dining and a wide range of entertainment and leisure will complete your definition of an outing with family. This vibrant Arabesque marketplace smoothly blends the classic and contemporary styles to offer an enthralling array of comprehensive shopping experiences. You can get everything on your shopping list, so get ready to carry a handful of shopping bags that will give you the immense pleasure of going on a shopping spree.

The Dubai Fountain

Watching human dancers dancing on choreographed numbers is old school, now it’s time to watch how the Dubai Fountain shoots water as high as 500 feet along with the music. Widely spread over 8 acres of land, this iconic place pleases everyone who visits irrespective of age group. Flock to the shop and dining-lined lakeside to witness this modern spectacle. Hold your breath as water jets burst and sway in synchronicity to lights and music to load your social media accounts with several reels. This engineering marvel is a perfect visual treat as it is a complete delight to watch breath-taking shows of high-pressure water shooters after wandering the attractions near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Grab your seats in the first row and just sail on a traditional Abra Ride at the Burj Khalifa foot and be mesmerized by the amazing shows of lights and sounds.

Dubai Ice Rink

If you are frustrated due to hot vibes in the Middle East desert, then drop yourself at Dubai Ice Rink which is the coolest spot in Dubai. Gear up your ice-skating skills even if you are not a pro, and glide your day away at this arctic place of Dubai. The Olympic-sized skating rink offers a perfect break in-between shopping, and eating that stretches up to the second floor. Not only a place to chill out, but it also offers sessions for ice-skating by professionals where they can enhance their skills. You can take this on a rental basis to bring some x-factor for your functions or learning sessions. Just unwind yourself and roll your skates and learn some pro things about ice-skating at the coolest place located amidst the sands of the Middle East! If you are desperately looking for a break from Dubai heat, then Dubai Ice Rink is the place to be where you can chill literally 24*7! What are you waiting for then!

Dubai Opera

A perfect homage to performing finest, authentic, and engaging performances, Dubai Opera is a radiant centre of culture and arts that one should never miss to visit. Massive as a 2000-seat multi-format theatre committed to producing diverse shows on its ever-engaging platform. The dhow-shaped architecture is just a masterpiece that pays tribute to Dubai’s pearl diving heritage and the progress of this golden city. The structure is made up of glass and when lit up with 2900 LEDs becomes one of the not-to-miss attractions near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Even if you are not an intrinsic art lover, your visit will not be in vain as you can find several high-end boutiques shops and luxury hotels around that will offer only the best for you! Don’t miss the chance to visit this beautiful mark of Dubai’s growth, pride, and raising standards of living during your Dubai stay.


If you are on a day out with your kid and want them to have fun along with learning, take them to kids’ all-time favourite hotspot called KidZania. Let them get rid of all boredom and enter the fun zone at a place spread across 7000 m2 that is a replica of a real city. Your kids can role-play more than 40 different real-world professionals and learn about their real life in a fun and engaging way starting from science and technology positions to social or creative profiles. The children’s version of hospitals, radio stations, restaurants, supermarkets, and several other happening places roll learning and fun into one making your children a citizen of today! Let them learn the life skills that are not designed in their regular curriculum but are essential for their core growth. No wonder you experience that your kid is more knowledgeable and determined after visiting the KidZania.

Sky View Dubai

If you have not added Sky View Dubai to your itinerary of Dubai, then you are going to miss a lot! Raise the standards of sightseeing by exploring Dubai’s essential attractions from 219.5 meters above the Downtown Dubai. Challenge your acrophobia and dare to look down from the 53rd floor and get a lifetime experience. Get ready for a thrilling ride in a panoramic glass elevator to view the beauty of Downtown Dubai without any obstacles. The observation deck located 219.5 meters above the ground is surely a perfect place for watching the city’s fabulous skyline and lightning coast. Go ahead and challenge yourself for the free-hand leap from the recordable height, a full-circle hands-free walk on the ledge will surely pump the heart at double rates. Never miss the spellbinding 360-degree view of Dubai from the new heights and round off your day with the city’s best tempting food.

Burj Park

Load your Instagram Feed with pictures of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain from the Burj Park. Situated on a little island along Burj Lake, provides unbeatable vistas of the iconic tower of Burj Khalifa and the most-visited Dubai Fountain. It also serves a pop-up winter market, if you are lucky to visit during the season of Dubai Shopping Festival. If you are tired of strolling here and there, take a bike or cycle on rent and roam around. Calm your eyes with the city’s green spaces located here amidst the Arabian Desert surrounding. Spend your day here and experience a perfect picnic feel along with your kids!

Dubai Dino

Treat yourself and your kids with an exciting place where you don't have to spend a single penny, where you can watch 155-million-year-old Dinosaurs at Dubai Dino and recall the memories of Hollywood movies like Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and many others. A sneak peek of the gigantic creature that had existed only in the prehistoric era will amaze you. This 7-meters high and 24-meters long genuine fossil of Diplodocus longus will surely keep you stunned. It has 80% of authentic fossil bones discovered in Wyoming USA now proudly raising the pride of Dubai Mall and fetches attention of every visitor passing by. Learn about the diet of the creature, posture, and habitant and make it a complete remarkable trip. Take some memories of this place along with you in the form of souvenirs. Never forget to click several pictures of yourself along with a life-size statue of this creature.


Which are the best things to do in Downtown Dubai?

  • One should never miss the magic of the ‘centre of now’ through its hot-spotted attractions like visiting the iconic Burj Khalifa. Elevate yourself to the 124th floor and keep your eyes open for the enchanting views from the world’s highest observatory.
  • Watch the tallest performing fountain in Downtown Dubai and just be mesmerized with its compelling beauty and embellishing arrays of lights along with the music.
  • Move ahead to Dubai Opera and be witness to world-class art and culture performances at electrifying opera, music, and concerts.
  • Drop yourself at the world’s largest shopping complex and be amazed by brands across the globe. Calm your shopping hunger by adding luxurious items to your shopping cart. Explore these attractions near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and spend your day well!
  • If ice skating is on your bucket list, then the Dubai Ice Rink is a perfect place for you. Indoor ice skating will help you to beat the heat of the surrounding desert and glide across the ice irrespective of your expertise in skating.

How many days are enough to explore Dubai?

A stay of about 5 days is the best amount of time to explore all the gems of Dubai if you plan your itinerary right. Not only are there most talked about places but you can visit other attractions near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and can make your staycation complete.

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What is the best time to visit Dubai opera?

Even though Dubai opera is fully operational for a full day starting at 10:00 AM till 9:00 PM, the best time to drop here is after sunset to get an astonishing view of this masterpiece. Make sure that you reach 30 minutes prior to your scheduled show as late entries are not entertained.

What are the things we can visit in Dubai opera?

During the visit to Dubai Opera, make sure you cover a visit to the auditorium of Dubai Opera, the studio of the Dubai Opera. Don’t miss the beautiful view of iconic skyscraper Burj Khalifa from the promenade and from Dubai Opera Garden. Moving ahead, drop yourself at the Grand Circle Foyer to enjoy its eye-catching view made from 3000 LED lights.

How many floors are in Burj Khalifa Dubai?

Burj Khalifa Dubai has 163 floors out of which one is underground, 124th floor is the most appropriate place for grabbing the best view.

Why is Burj Khalifa so famous?

Burj Khalifa holds various records as the world’s tallest building, the tallest free-standing structure, the tallest structure with the highest number of stories in the world. The view from the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck offers an enchanting view of Dubai’s cityscape from 400m+ above the ground.

How to reach Dubai Ice Rink?

The experience of indoor ice skating in the gem of the Middle East can be enjoyed at Dubai Ice Rink and you can alight at a nearest metro station named Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Station. Take a few minutes’ walk if you are coming from the Metro Link Bridge. If you are preferring feeder bus services, take any of the buses numbering 27,29,81, F13 to reach the Dubai Ice Rink.

What are the attractions I can see from Sky view Dubai?

After exploring the vibrant marine life, tourists normally explore the nearby attractions of Dubai Aquarium & underwater zoo. Sky view Dubai is one of the popular locations among these that offers three distinctive experiences through sky observatory, sky glass slide, and sky edge walk.

How to reach Downtown Dubai from Dubai airport?

There are multiple commute options available for reaching Downtown Dubai from Dubai Airport like Dubai Metro or Dubai Airport Taxi. If you are taking Dubai Metro, then take the Red Line metro from the airport's terminal 3 or 1 (T3 or T1). If you hire a taxi service, a 15 minutes' drive will take you to Downtown Dubai from the airport costing 62.50 AED.

What are the opening hours and best time to visit KidZania?

Kidzania Dubai is operational from 10 AM on all days of the week. If you are visiting Kidzania Dubai for the first time, make sure your first visit is scheduled in the best time of the visit and that is from November to February when the weather is pleasant to get the best of the visit. Avoid weekends, and national holidays including Eid or Ramadan, to tangle with a huge crowd.


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