Experiences at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Animal Encounters at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to over 33,000 aquatic animals, many of which are quite rare to find and are on the list of endangered species. During your visit to the Aquarium, you can enjoy watching as well as interacting with these wonderful animal species which is one of the exhilarating things to do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Whether it is a tour of the tiny otter’s home, having a special training with the Sharks or feeding the graceful Rays with your own hands, you are bound to enjoy every moment of these activities.

King Croc Encounter

Meet the King Croc at the Dubai Aquarium and have a face-to-face encounter with the Croc-Royalty. Weighing 750 kgs, and stretching over 5m in length, the King Croc is a 40 year old creature native to Australia. This wonderful creature in the animal world is one of the most powerful and feared reptiles to ever inhabit nature. Accompanying the King Croc is the ‘Queen Croc’ who is more than 80 years old. Already one of the most enormous creatures in the world, the King Croc is expected to grow much larger over the next 50 years.

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Otter Encounter

Interact with the cute and charming family of asian small-clawed otters at the Underwater zoo who are the smallest in comparison to the 13 other otter species. A highly threatened species, the Asian small-clawed otters weigh less than 5 kgs and have a huge appetite as they can eat upto 20% of their body weight daily! Visitors can interact with them by taking an exclusive tour of the otter’s home in the zoo as well as watch a special educational presentation to get to know more about the lifestyle of these little creatures.

Ray Encounter

Interact with the Eagle Rays and Cow Nose Rays in another enlivening animal encounter at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. The specially constructed ray-feeding platform allows the visitors to safely touch and feed 50 Rays in an exhilarating face-to-face encounter with these graceful marine animals. Rays are a wonderful and gentle species, who will gladly accept the food you feed them with your own hands. The experience of watching and meeting these inquisitive animals will leave you amazed and fluttering with joy.

Penguin Encounter

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo is the first facility in the region to house the Gentoo Penguins where you can view a total of 16 Gentoo Penguins. The special housing system, lighting arrangements and built temperature controlled facility replicates their natural habitat, providing a safe and habitable environment for these beautiful creatures. The multi-level exhibit has loads of exciting areas for the playful penguins to climb and slide around. Make sure to stop by the Penguin Cove habitat for an immersive encounter with these flightless creatures and learn more about their charming behaviour.

Shark Trainer Encounter

An all-in-one educational and training experience, the Shark Trainer Encounter is a special program wherein the visitors are educated about the different Shark species. The content is based on the environment, feeding and breeding habitats of the Sharks. Along with that, you also get the chance to interact with them by assisting the aquarium staff in training Bamboo Sharks and Leopard Sharks. The visitors are submerged to about waist height when they enter the tanks of the Sharks in waterproof waders to interact with them. A unique and tingling experience, this encounter is a great way to get to know the species.

Feeding Presentations

Visitors can also catch a glimpse of the animals when they are fed by the trainers or participate in guided feeding activities themselves. A variety of animals such as the King Croc, Ray, Otters and Sharks are fed daily at different timings by expert divers. While the dinner time at Dubai Aquarium is quite busy, regular feeding sessions are conducted daily. Although, make sure to note down the timings of these sessions as each of them is conducted during different intervals of the day. Daily animal presentations are also displayed by experienced educators to enhance the visitor’s knowledge about marine life.

Diving Experiences at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Underwater zoo not only lets you marvel at the view of thousands of marine animal species from afar but also offers several thrilling activities for a close-up encounter with the animals. There are several thrilling activities to do at Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo in Dubai such as diving with the sharks, snorkelling in a cage and watching the feeding sessions of the animals while scuba diving. For an out-of-the box experience, plunge into the various exciting activities at the underwater zoo and make the most of your visit here.

Shark Dives

If you like thrilling and goose bumping adventures with the Sharks, then the Shark Diving experience is the perfect fit for you. Enjoy the company of the Leopard Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Giant Groupers and Stingrays in the depths of the water. It is a safe and guided experience as you will be under the supervision of qualified Dive Masters and Dive Instructors. Fret not, if you do not have a certification of scuba diving, you can get one by completing a short Discover Scuba program with AI Boom Diving. Do keep in mind to make an advance booking for this aquatic adventure.

Snorkelling (CAGE)

If you cannot Scuba dive but want to feel a similar experience, then Snorkelling in a Cage is the perfect activity for you. Submerge inside a 10 million litre water tank without any diving equipment and watch over 70 different marine species from a close distance. Even if you lack the experience to do a full-fledged diving, you can enjoy a similar thrilling experience inside a cage by putting on snorkelling gear. Anyone who is 8 years or older can indulge in this experience as no experience is necessary.

Shark Walker (CAGE)

Walk inside the water among the company of 400 sharks and rays inside one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world. Have a close encounter with these magnificent beings without the need of a scuba diving certification. Breathe underwater with the help of an oxygenated helmet which is provided by the aquarium. Instructors will guide you throughout your experience in the cage. You can even ask them to film a video for you using their GoPro and buy the memory card later.

Speciality Dives

A mix of diving, education and photography, the Speciality Dives at the Dubai Aquarium offers a three-fold diving experience to PADI certified visitors. Explore the underwater world by diving freely among the mighty sharks and rays as well as interact with the marvellous species during the Shark Feeding Dive. Also, learn more about topics such as shark conservation identification and underwater photography tips. The best part of the journey is that you can take photos during the 30-minute theory session through an underwater camera to take back memories that you will cherish forever.

Scuba Diving

Do you want to try Scuba diving but do not have the full certification to do so? Then don’t worry and attend the PADI’s Discover Scuba Diver program after which you can freely dive underwater along with a certified instructor. Your diving instructor will give you a quick lesson about the safety guidelines and the basics of diving in a caged setup before you make your way into the depths of the 10 million litres water Aquarium.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Enjoy your time in the deep waters by taking a Glass-bottom boat ride at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. This fun-packed ride will take you through the surface of the world's largest suspended tank from where you can delight in an extensive view of the underwater creatures. Just sit back and relax with your friend and family and watch the Sharks, Rays along with 33,000 aquatic animals. These rides can be found at the Underwater zoo on Level 2 but are not available to children below 2 years and to pregnant guests.

About Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Located inside the largest mall in the world, the Dubai mall, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater zoo lets you explore the marine world and interact with a multitude of aquatic life. The aquarium tank is home to over 140 varieties of aquatic species, thus giving you a rich experience of the underwater world. Have face-to-face encounters with animals such as the giant sharks and rays, ferocious piranhas, otters, Sand Tiger Sharks and many more inside the Dubai Aquarium. Then take a walk through the 48 metre long tunnel while enjoying the 270 degree view of the animals. The visitors can also choose to take a glass-bottomed boat ride through the aquarium which shows you the best it has to offer.

For the thrill seeker inside you, move onto the next level to the Underwater World at level-2 which is divided into three ecological zones- Rainforest, Rocky Shore and Living Ocean. Here you’ll find animals such as the sea horses, sea jellies, crocodiles and sea dragons. There are a lot of exhilarating things to do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo such as cage snorkelling, scuba diving, encounters with the bizarre sharks and shark dives.


How to reach Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is located within the Dubai Mall on the Ground level and Level 2. You can reach the mall by: - Bus: Take a bus from the Dubai Mall Bus Stop to the Aquarium which is merely a 2 minute walk away. - Metro: The Dubai Mall, located on the blue line is the nearest station to the aquarium. From the Dubai Mall Station, the aquarium is just a few minutes walk away.

Is Dubai Underwater Zoo a part of Dubai Aquarium?

Yes, the Dubai Underwater zoo is a part of the Dubai Aquarium. The Aquarium is located on the ground floor while the Underwater zoo is situated on the Level 2 of the mall.

What are the different sections of Dubai Aquarium?

The Dubai Aquarium is divided into two parts- Aquarium tank and aquarium Tunnel. The Aquarium Tunnel is a 48 metre long passage which offers a 270 degrees wide view of marine life. The Aquarium Tank has marine animals inside 10 million litres of water.

Why is the Dubai Aquarium so famous?

Commended for its environmental conservation programmes, the Dubai Aquarium is a famous attraction housing a diverse collection of marine life and underwater species within a closed space. It is the largest suspended water tank in the world. Plus, there are a variety of things to do in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo for a thrilling experience for the visitors.

Can I explore the Aquarium Tunnel if I visit Dubai Aquarium?

Yes, you can visit the 48 metre long Aquarium tunnel if you visit the Dubai Aquarium. The tunnel will take you 11 metres under the surface to enjoy the view of a variety of underwater animals such as the Sharks and Rays.

Are there sharks in Dubai Aquarium?

Yes, the Dubai Aquarium is home to a variety of species of Sharks such as the Sand Tiger Sharks, Leopard Sharks and Tawny Nurse Sharks. It also houses the largest variety of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world. You can even dive among the sharks and observe their feeding sessions under the guidance of experts at the Aquarium.

Is the Dubai Aquarium a good place for children?

Yes, the Dubai Aquarium is a wonderful place for children as they can see and learn about marine animals in a safe enclosed space. The educational and environment conservation programmes at the aquarium will educate them about life underwater and the need to protect the environment.

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Are there any learning or educational programs at Dubai Aquarium?

Yes, the Aquarium hosts various educational and learning programs for schools and visitors to spread awareness about environment conservation. It also imparts knowledge about wildlife conservation measures and research facilities.

How far is Dubai Underwater Zoo from Dubai Aquarium?

The Dubai Underwater Zoo and Dubai aquarium are both located in the same mall, The Dubai Mall. However, they are located on separate floors. The former lies on level 2 and the latter on the ground floor of the mall.

Why is Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo so famous?

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo houses a plethora of animal species in a secured environment to protect some rare and endangered animals. Also, one can enjoy the unique activities to do at Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo in Dubai for an adventurous experience.


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